Ah, I misread this. But this can't be fixed until a complete refactoring of XSP. At the moment it's an XSLT transformation to a java file. The binding to the original XSP is completely lost.


Erik Bruchez wrote:
Probably that Dmitry would have found a line number pointing to his <esql:getXXX/> element in the XSP file useful.


Joerg Heinicke wrote:

Why? You use a not existing column name and you get the message "Invalid column name". What's wrong with it?


Dmitry Diskin wrote:


I have been struggling with the following problem for a while: if I specify non-existing column name in <esql:get-int column="wrong_column" /></xsp:attribute> tag, I get the following error message:

org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Exception in ServerPagesGenerator.generate(): java.lang.RuntimeException: Error executing statement: select something from somewhere : java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name

I think that is misleading, since the error is not in SQL, but in my XSp text. It was very hard to find it out.


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