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Hi Matt,

Replying to you and also to the public on axkit-dev. I've discussed the
contribution of the stuff I have written and published on the user list
~ in my company.
My company has decided that it would contribute the code I developed
until now and will develop in future to the AxKit-Project. This has the
advantage that I get payed for my work on AxKit2 (done in my free-time).
On the other hand they want to get some promotion from AxKit. Things
that have been discussed are that:
* e.g. logo on the AxKit-Page => Link axkit2-dev-page
* axkit2-dev-page hosted by the company and reachable as
~  axkit2.bestsolution.at until a release is made.

Another thing I want to be certain is that the stuff I contribute is
really desired by all developers because what is here until now is the
right way to go. If most of them say I don't like the actual design and
we want to make things in completely another way I don't have any
problem to accept this.

But what I don't want is to contribute the code I have written and
afterwards everybody says that's a deadend street and no code gets
released. I my opinion this is the right way to go but because none of
the dev people (beside you) responded to me.

I know that none of us can say that what I've written until now will get
released but what I want is that people took a look at my code and say
it makes sense what I'm doing.

A last thing is would I become a commit rights into the source tree for
my AxKit2-port or would I only contribute code a others apply it to the

I hope many of you respond to this mail. The latest source is attached
to this mail. It should run on apache2-prefork/mp2-rc5.

Just for information:
- ---------------------
The benchmarks are from a AMD Mobile Athlon 3000+ (=800MHZ) and 512 MB
RAM perl compiled with thread support running Mandrake 10.1 and


Matt Sergeant schrieb:
| First fax in the CLA. Then let me know you've done it. Then we can get
| an account setup. Then we can get a new repository setup.
| On 26 Apr 2005, at 12:08, Tom Schindl wrote:
| Hi Matt,
| didn't you received my mail I sent you yesterday or didn't you have time
| to start the process of including me into the AxKit-Dev-Team? At least
| as I read the FAQ on apache.org I must get an invocation from the
| AxKit-PMC to kick off the process.
| Tom
| Matt Sergeant schrieb:
| | I'd be happy to get a CVS (or maybe even SVN) repository setup for you
| | on apache infrastructure. You'll have to sign a Contributor License
| | Agreement which you can print off on the Apache web site and fax into
| | the ASF secretary.
| |
| | Email me privately to get this organised.
| |
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