Hi Jennifer:

I am not sure if your whole message got posted.  At any event, your project 
reminded me of a report I worked on with colleagues here at Cornell a couple of 
years ago. We wrote it before I discovered that Reclaim Hosting exists.  

Report on Lightweight Digital Collections Platforms

It's a worthwhile project you are doing. Good luck!

Adam Chandler
Director, Automation, User Experience, and Post-Cataloging Services
Library Technical Services
Cornell University Library
110A Olin Library
Ithaca, NY 14853

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Hi, everyone,

After running a pilots to host our own Wordpress multisite and set up 
individual Omeka instances for scholars, we decided last year to contract with 
Reclaim Hosting to offer NYU scholars a c-panel with one-click installs of, 
among other things:
1. fully customizable version of Wordpress (NYU IT already runs a Wordpress 
service, called Web Publishing, https://wp.nyu.edu/, which has predefined 
design themes and plugins and is designed to be as trouble-free as possible: 
you can't get to the php, you can override CSS but can't modify the original, 
etc.) 2. Omeka 3. Scalar 4. MySQL databases (with PHP and Python)

We're been running this pilot service, called Web Hosting, 
https://hosting.nyu.edu/, since January 2016, and are in the process of 
transitioning it to a full-fledged service. We're funneling as may people as 
possible to the Web Publishing service, described above, because it's safe 
(i.e., unbreakable) and should meet the majority of scholars' needs (we use it 
for our own Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) blog, https://wp.nyu.edu/dss/). 
But for those who need more Wordpress customization or the other platforms 
offered, and are comfortable working in a more technologically complex 
environment, the Web Hosting service meets many of those needs.

In our pilot we have been exploring not only the tech side of the service, but 
also how to provide scalable and sustainable user support. Since NYU DSS is a 
very small operation, that has led us to partner with service providers across 
NYU who can, themselves, support their own constituents. As we transition from 
pilot to service, we're considering how to scale up account provisioning, how 
to handle account de-provisioning (what happens when users leave NYU? How will 
we know? What do we do with their sites and content?), how to manage media 
storage (can users store things elsewhere and point to them from Wordpress, 
Omeka, Scalar?), and other such issues.

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