Code4Lib 2017 is a loosely-structured conference that provides people working 
at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage and 
technology with a chance to share ideas, be inspired, and forge collaborations. 
For more information about the Code4Lib community, please visit 

The conference will be held at the Luskin Conference Center at UCLA, from March 6, 2017 - March 9, 2017.  
More information about Code4lib 2017 will be coming soon.  

We encourage all members of the Code4Lib community to submit a proposal for a 
prepared talk. Prepared talks should focus on one or more of the following 

-Projects you've worked on which incorporate innovative implementation of 
existing technologies and/or development of new software 
- Tools and technologies – How to get the most out of existing tools, 
standards, and protocols (and ideas on how to make them better) 
- Technical issues – Big issues in library technology that are worthy of 
community attention or development 
- Relevant non-technical issues – Concerns of interest to the Code4Lib 
community which are not strictly technical in nature, e.g. collaboration, 
diversity, organizational challenges, etc. 

This year, in order to provide increased opportunities for a diversity of 
speakers and topics, we'll be soliciting 10, 15, and 20 minute talks. You'll be 
asked to indicate which talk lengths you would be willing to accommodate for 
your proposal. We are also considering holding a poster session at this year's 
conference. If you would be interested in presenting your topic as a poster, 
please indicate so on the form.

In addition to "traditional" presentations and posters, we plan to include a 
panel session this year. If you have a topic you'd like to suggest for a panel, 
and are willing to work with the Program Committee to organize / recruit for 
the session, please use the following form.

As in past years, the Code4Lib community will vote on proposals that they would 
like to see included in the program. The top 10 proposals are guaranteed a slot 
of their preferred length at the conference. The Program Committee will curate 
the remainder of the program in an effort to ensure diversity in program 
content and presenters. Community votes will, of course, still weigh heavily in 
these decisions. 

Presenters whose proposals are selected for inclusion in the program will have 
conference registration slots held for them (up to 2 speakers per talk). In 
addition, panel participants will have registration slots held. The standard 
conference registration fee will apply. 

Proposals can be submitted through November 7, 2016 at midnight PST (GMT−8). 
Voting will start on November 16, 2016 and continue through December 7, 2016. 
The URL to submit votes will be announced on the Code4Lib website and mailing 
list and will require an active account to participate. The final 
list of presentations will be announced in December.  

Thank you, 
The Code4Lib 2017 Program Committee

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