One note on the below posting – the position is open to a person that will work 
remotely for this short term contract.
Please contact<> if there 
are any questions..

From: Randy Stern <>
Date: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 8:50 AM
To: Code for Libraries <CODE4LIB@LISTS.CLIR.ORG>
Subject: job posting - SOLR developer

Harvard has an opening for a short term contractor, from now through June 30, 

Jo Description:
In order to increase open access to Harvard Library resources, Library 
Technology Services has developed and deployed LibraryCloud, a metadata hub 
that provides web API access to information on over 20M library items. 
LibraryCloud exposes two APIs – an Item API, for searching the data, and a 
Collection API, for building and delivering named sets of items. Both APis are 
java/tomcat applications. The item API uses Apache SOLR as a search index for 
searching the metadata. The collection API uses MYSQL and solr. The contract is 
to enhance the two APIs. Data ingested into the Item API and returned from it 
are in a complex XML format named MODS.

Skills we seek:

  1.  Java server side development and deployment experience
  2.  Apache Solr experience  (this is important)
  3.  Mysql experience
  4.  Deployment experience to servers, preferably AWS
  5.  XML processing experience

Ideally, also

  1.  Groovy/grails (which is used for another API - the LibraryCloud OAI-PMH 
data provider API)
  2.  Data normalization
  3.  Lift and shift of a related application - some knowledge of apache, perl, 
python scripting

Please contact<> if 

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