Hi Mackenzie,

I haven't done this exact use case, but this is totally doable in a Google
apps script (which is written in basic JavaScript within the code editor on
your form), bit more on it here https://www.google.com/script/start/my

In the script you have easy access to anything submitted in the form (and
more broadly anything in gsuite that user has access to, including sending
emails etc) and can use a conditional to open and write out data to a
series of different spreadsheets on form submit based on whatever
combination of form values you'd like.


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> Hi all!
> I am hoping someone out there has an excel formula or script that I can
> use to solve this problem:
> I have a google form and I want the data from this form to go to different
> sheets (different workbooks) based on an answer to one of the questions.
> The trick is that the question may have more than one answer. The data
> collected includes metadata as well as files.
> Alternatively, I would settle for an excel formula that would let me
> import data of a whole row, based on a partial match of information from
> one cell in a specific column.
> Anyone have any ideas?
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