On Mar 30, 2006, at 5:12 AM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

I see that a lot of the hits to my site come from MySpace.com where
teenaged and college aged girls have incorporated some of my pictures
into their pages. Another common use is on "bulletin board" systems
where someone used one of my pictures as their avatar. In these
second and third cases should I expect some sort of remuneration or
at least a link back to infomotions.com?

I have a comment on this (although I can't suggest any particular
strategies on processing referer (sic) hits). I have a web site where
I put up a lot of my photos <http://freelargephotos.com/>, and I draw
a line between "personal use" for which I expect no payment for use
of the photos (even the largest version I have which they can get by
request), and "commercial use" for which the photo must be used a) to
make money or b) in a product or to promote a product that is sold.
Therefore, in my universe the uses you mention above I would classify
as personal use, and within the bounds of appropriate usage. YMMV.

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