AquaBrowser Library will support OpenID for logging into your library stuff.
Going beyond that, Jeremy touches a good point on trust. Since AquaBrowser
is cross-datasource (ILSes, DBs, etc - both indexed and federated) we are
considering hooking into auth systems under water, by allowing users to
couple trust information (LDAP, library card pins, along those lines) to
their openid-based account. A question for us is how (or whether!) to make
that latter part an open infrastructure to others, by including some way to
guarantee user consent per individual action. Anyone interested I can give a
url to give it a whirl when it's hitting alpha-ish state.

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On 3/23/07, William Denton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I hadn't been too clear on OpenID but a week or two ago I listened to a
recording of a talk about that explained it well.  I can't find it again,
unfortunately, but you can take my word for it that it was pretty good.

Is OpenID being used in libraries?  It struck me that it could work well
for library systems that share resources: two systems that are part of the
same consortium or provincial/state system; two neighbouring public
systems that let people from one borrow at the other; academic libraries
that want to make it easy for visiting profs and grad students to get
temporary access to online resources; etc.

Say I live in Lower Mowat but one day I'm in Upper Mowat, in the next
municipality (or county, or whatever) over, visiting my tailor.  The two
library systems are separate but share their resources.  I pop into the
library to update my Twittering friends on my inseam measurement.  I don't
actually have an account at the Upper Mowat Library, but I log in to one
of their computers using my Lower Mowat-supplied OpenID identifier, and
the Upper Mowat system recognizes where I'm from and gives me access to

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