Thank you, Oscar for the tip. I'll check it.

peter király

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 You have to look for the "Mini-micro CDS/ISIS Pascal" book. There are
several versions of the English edition. I don't know an electronic
version of that, but I'm going to chek it.

 Oscar Gaona.

Peter Kiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 Dear list members,

In the Winisis 1.5 manual one can read the following:
"Note that, at present, only the following ISIS
library routines are available. ASSIGN, CHR, COPYSTR...."
(p. 140).

But in the manual there is no place to describe the
semantics and the syntax of these functions. Do you know
any documentation which focuses of the Isis library
routines? I Googled a lot, investigate the Unesco's
Isis site etc. but i haven't found anything usable.

Thanks in advance,

Peter Kiraly

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