Thanks Eric!

I had a little mess around with the Perl Facebook API last year, but
didn't get very far.

Out of interest, once you've got the first fortune, when you refresh
your FB profile does it trigger a new fortune to be sent or do you see
the same (e.g. cached) fortune?

What I want to do is put together a small application that will give the
user info from their library account, e.g.

    You have 5 books on loan, and 2 of them need returning tomorrow.
    Click here to go to your library account if you'd like to renew

Obviously I'd need to figure out a secure and safe way of associating a
Facebook user ID with a specific library account.

Dave Pattern
Library Systems Manager
University of Huddersfield

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I am having a bit of fun with Facebook.

Last Friday I got a renewed interest in Facebook. Don't ask me why. I
don't know. I do know though that syndicating library content to
social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, etc.) seems to be a
rage. To that end I have taken a stab at writing a few Facebook
applications, and below is the simplest one shared here in the hopes
other (Perl) hackers don't spin their wheels as much as I did.


Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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