Hrm.  I just replicated this problem.  Same issue, you can see
conversation, but when you try to say anything, you get this error

I'm not sure who manages, but it's not directly
related to code4lib.  Perhaps it's time for us to run an IRC cgi
client on a code4lib server?


On Jan 7, 2008 2:59 PM, K.G. Schneider <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi folks -- for some time now I've been unable to use the http irc
> channel, which is the only one I can use at work. ("If you can't install
> a client, or if IRC traffic is blocked on your network, connect through
> the web at
> (choose #code4lib)")
> The error I get:
> "Not Acceptable
> An appropriate representation of the requested resource
> /cgi-bin/client-perl.cgi could not be found on this server.
> Apache/1.3.39 Server at Port 80"
> Sometimes I get the irc screen but if I type anything in I get the error
> page again.
> Just wondering... (oh, and gave the conference scholarships a plug last
> night on my blog)
> K.G. Schneider

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