Are there any rights issues? If not, it would be good to make the raw files available, say by putting them up at the Internet Archive.


md wrote:
I have the raw data files of the former Hennepin County Library catalog and authority files.
This is the innovative, unique catalog created
by Sandy Berman. 1970s-2002.

I would like to import the data into a MYSQL database.  I assume
this can be done with Perl, but don't know if an existing parser
would work or if a custom program would be needed.

I have no programming skills.   There must be someone...
here who knows and values Berman's work and is ready, willing and able to devote their knowledge
and skills to making it accessible once again.

Please contact me with questions on or off list.

Thank You!

Madeline Douglass

Karen Coyle / Digital Library Consultant
ph.: 510-540-7596   skype: kcoylenet
fx.: 510-848-3913
mo.: 510-435-8234

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