> Publishers make their covers available to them and to others because
> they desperately want their covers out there. You can get covers from
> publishers with amazing ease. I do not suspect Amazon or Syndetics
> have licensed the covers in any way.

Having worked for a number of years for a children's library book supplier in 
the mid 1990s in the UK, I can concur with Tim -- all of the publishers we 
dealt with (which included all of the major players) were more than happy to 
supply us with book cover scans to use on our web site.  The only issue for us 
was the wide variety in quality (from tiny GIFs to massive TIFFs), so we ended 
up doing all of the cover scanning ourselves inhouse (again, the publishers 
we're happy for us do this).

On the subject of copyright, wasn't there a recent case brought against 
Google's Image Search where the judge ruled that thumbnails do not violate the 
copyright of the original image?

Dave Pattern
University of Huddersfield

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