Thanks to Ross Singer, the second vote on the logo idea is now open, and
will be open until Tuesday evening, 10:45-ish EST (I didn't make this up).
The options are listed below, as well as on the voting form. You will need
to have an account on in order to vote, and you use the
same login and password. Please see:

And vote early and often!

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> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 10:53:07 -0700
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> Subject: Logo vote
> The logo voting seems to have died down at 109 votes cast, and it breaks
> down like this (you can see these results at
> <>):
> No logo: 8%
> Do it ourselves: 8%
> Combo of professional designer and ourselves: 26%
> Don't care: 27%
> Professional designer: 31%
> Since there was no clear majority, I think we should have a run-off between
> the "combo" option and only a professional designer.
> But I think the options should be more clearly stated than they were before
> (sorry!):
> Combo Option:
> One person would receive all the designs from both internal designers and
> any professional designers willing to submit designs for free, and they are
> put up for a vote without anyone knowing who did which design.
> Professional Option 1:
> We accept Stephanie Brinley's kind offer, request a few different ideas,
> vote on those ideas to settle on one, and the final version is created from
> the winning idea.
> Professional Option 2:
> Hire a different professional designer (to be determined) from whom we
> solicit a few different ideas, vote on the ideas, and the final version is
> created from the winning idea.
> Yes, consensus is tedious. Competing ideas, objections, embellishments
> welcome. Otherwise, I'll set up another vote on the three options above and
> the one with the most votes takes it.
> Roy
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