The user community for these products is WAY bigger than code4lib, naturally. If Oracle manages to mess them up, then the user community will fork, or migrate to different products, and we will follow. Fortunately we are not alone here, there are giant communities formed around these open source products, which will keep using open source products to fill those functions one way or another, and we'll go with them.

Not to imply that a custodial company who wanted to couldn't make things very inconvenient in the short to medium term, sure. But it's just speculation at this point, I don't see any reason to get alarmed. And one way or another, it'll work out in the end.


Barnett, Jeffrey wrote:
I know the answer is yes, but does anyone care to speculate on the impact of 
Oracle's takeover of Sun, which controls in addition to open source workhorse 
JAVA, MySQL, OpenOffice, and Netbeans (all of which complete with proprietary 
products from Oracle).  I haven't heard anything quotable recently from Larry 
Ellison, but he has in the pass been an ardent opponent of OSS and I find it 
hard to imagine him not taking advantage of this opportunity to place 
roadblocks and/or booby traps in the way of the OSS community.

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