Hi all,

I am trying to find the best way to include an item's accession number (i.e.
ILS system id) in a COiNS span.  This is in the context of library catalog
pages where I'd like to be able to retrieve the ILS accession number to
return to LibraryThing for Libraries.

I see no mention of an rft.identifier key/value pair on the COiNS site's
brief guide to books [1].  It does, however, appear as an element in the
COiNS online generator for generic items [2].

Googling returned a couple of results using rft.identifier to hold urls.

Can anyone enlighten me as to whether using rft.identifier to hold the ILS
accession number is valid?  Or suggest a more suitable key/value pair?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Chris Catalfo
Programmer, LibraryThing

[1] http://ocoins.info/cobgbook.html
[2] http://generator.ocoins.info/?sitePage=info/dc.html&;

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