Printed test sheets:


At 04:54 PM 5/2/2009 -0700, wrote:
On 5/1/09 8:27 PM, Lars Aronsson wrote:
Does anybody have a printed test sheet that we can scan or photo, and then compare the resulting digital images? It should have lines at various densities and areas of different colours, just like an old TV test image. Can you buy such calibration sheets? scans typically include a color card target
image near the back (or front) of the book, e.g.

typical specs for our scanning rig (scribe) are roughly:

  1 8x8x5' scribe structure
  2 Canon EOS 5Ds
  2 light boxes
  1 orthogonal glass platen and cradle
  1 foot pedal, pulley system
  Linux PC
    LAMP stack
    custom web-based UI
    gphoto, imagemagick, leptonica, rsync
  fast internet

we scan over 1,000 books a day with about 100 scribes like this.


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