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We heard from many of you that you just got approval to register for EdUI
but at the early bird rate of $500. So until August 7th we're giving you
one last chance to get in on the $500 registration price when you
[http://edui.eventbrite.com/?discount=early_bird] register with promotion
code "early_bird".

(Please note: not valid in conjunction with
[http://eduiuva.eventbrite.com/] U.Va. Employee Special or any other

About The Conference

The workshop-oriented, two-day conference, held September 21-22 in
Charlottesville VA, promises to explore the latest innovations and ideas in
the fields of web design, user interface design, social media, usability
and more.


We're pleased to announce that the [http://www.eduiconf.org/program/]
complete conference schedule is now available online!

Full day workshops include:

- Dana Chisnell on conducting usability tests in a formal setting and in
the wild
- Derek Featherstone on getting the most out of your Ajax designs while
ensuring accessibility needs
- Dan Rubin on visual design essentials for non-artists -  learn the solid
tricks and techniques to get the color, typography, and layout you want
- Molly Holzschlag on an in-depth look at new standards in HTML and CSS
- NEW: David Poteet on techniques you can use to design, organize, and
write website content
But that 's not all (to quote the late Billy Mays), you'll also get to
hear from usability guru Jared Spool. Jared is probably the most effective
and knowledgeable communicator on the subject of usability and user
experience. Known to give entertaining, educational, and inspiring
presentations, Jared is sure to make you look at the world of user
experience in ways you have yet to imagine. And recent National Geographic
award winner Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology and digital
ethnographer, will share a presentation on exploring the impact of new
media on society and culture.

We round out the conference with several short sessions provided by peers
and industry experts.

Some highlights include:

- Speed up your website with High-Performance Web Interface Design
- Learn about MITÂ’s High-Impact Video Portal
- Enhance your site's mobile capabilities

- Make the most of social media by incorporating it in your communications
- Or build a better Facebook app
- And much much more...
Be sure to [http://edui.eventbrite.com/?discount=early_bird] take
advantage of the promotion code "early_bird" and register by August 7th to
secure the $500 rate. Register at [http://edui.eventbrite.com/]

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