Depends on your datamodel, Godar. You could also consider databases like 
Not XML ..but if your datamodel can fit into JSON. Efficient serving of docs 
HTTP is their trademark, like scaling through replication.

Lucene. CouchDB has Lucene integration..but I find it somewhat flaky. In my 
case I did batch index jobs of the database.

In another project we could (I don't say easily) fit the datamodel into MySQL. 
Our developers could then reuse all the MySQL tools, scripts. The sysadmin was 

So first consider if XML is really needed throughout the whole codebase. Are 
you working with textual documents in XML, or database dumps in XML?


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I've had the best luck with eXist and BerkeleyDB XML.

Both support XQuery and have indexing features based on any XML structure.


On 1/16/10, Godmar Back <> wrote:
> Hi,
> we're currently looking for an XML database to store a variety of
> small-to-medium sized XML documents. The XML documents are
> unstructured in the sense that they do not follow a schema or DTD, and
> that their structure will be changing over time. We'll need to do
> efficient searching based on elements, attributes, and full text
> within text content. More importantly, the documents are mutable.
> We'll like to bring documents or fragments into memory in a DOM
> representation, manipulate them, then put them back into the database.
> Ideally, this should be done in a transaction-like manner. We need to
> efficiently serve document fragments over HTTP, ideally in a manner
> that allows for scaling through replication. We would prefer strong
> support for Java integration, but it's not a must.
> Have other encountered similar problems, and what have you been using?
> So far, we're researching: eXist-DB ( ),
> Base-X ( ), MonetDB/XQuery
> ( ), Sedna
> ( ). Wikipedia lists a few
> others here:
> I'm wondering to what extent systems such as Lucene, or even digital
> object repositories such as Fedora could be coaxed into this usage
> scenario.
> Thanks for any insight you have or experience you can share.
>  - Godmar

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