On the social activities section of the wiki we had a signup for a lunch
time excursion [1] to 12 Bones [2], a great BBQ restaurant in Asheville.
 There was an overwhelming response, so much so that we are worried we will
overwhelm the restaurant at lunchtime.

The new plan is to "rent out" the place on the evening of Wednesday Feb.
24th at 6:30pm.  If we can get at least 50 people to sign up we can hit
their minimum order amount.  For those interested, the cost would be $15 per
person, this price includes tax and tip.  The menu would consist of 2 meats,
3 sides, buns/cornbread and non alcoholic beverages.

Right now we have 33 people signed up.  I'm assuming some will drop while
others may add.  If you're interested in this now dinnertime excursion,
please sign up on the wiki:

We hope you can come, because I really want some BBQ.


[2] http://www.12bones.com/

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