Thank you for completing the Doodle poll, and based on that information, there 
will be a Code4Lib "Midwest" Regional Meeting conference call tomorrow 

    Who: anybody who wants to participate
   What: conference call
   When: Thursday, March 10 from 4 - 5 o'clock (Eastern time)
  Where: on the phone
    Why: because planning is a good thing

If you want to participate, then you need to call the following telephone 
number and use the access code:

  * phone number - (866) 469-3239
  * access code - 214 555 48 

Let's try to keep the call to less then thirty minutes, and let's try to answer 
the following questions, in priority order:

  * Where will the regional meeting take place?
  * When will the regional meeting take place, and for how long?
  * What is a rough agenda of topic?

To help with decision-making, see the wiki where there is a list of possible 
attendees as well as a map of where they might be coming. [1]

[1] wiki -

Eric "What Am I Getting Into" Morgan
University of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604

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