Most of the examples I've seen of OAI-ORE seem to assume that you're ultimately interested in only one object within the resource map -- effectively, it's content negotiation.

Has anyone ever played with using ORE to point at an aggregation, with the expectation that the user will be interested in all parts, and automatically download them?


Let me give a concrete example:

        A user searches for some data ... we find (x) number of records
        that match their criteria, and they then weed the list down to 10
        files of interest.

        We then save this request as a Resource Map, as part of an OAIS
        "order".  I then want to be able to hand this off to a browser /
        downloader / whatever to try to obtain the individual files.

Currently, I have something that can take the request, and create a tarball on the fly, but we have the unfortunate situation when some of the data is near-line and/or has to be regenerated -- I'm trying to find a good way to effectively fork the request into multiple smaller request, some of which I can service now, and some for which I can return an HTTP 503 status (service unavailable) w/ a retry-after header.


Has anyone ever tried doing something like this? Should I even be looking at ORE, or is there something that better fits with what I'm trying to do?

Thanks for any advice / insight you can give


Joe Hourcle
Solar Data Analysis Center

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