Dear Will,

What I would really like to do is offer a search in Google Books over books which are held in our library, so like Google's University Search for books. I'd need to be able to link to our catalogue, not just WorldCat. Is there any way to do that, either using a 'My Library' collection with the API, but with the limit of 4500 books lifted, or as a Google hosted Co-Branded Search like for publisher partners.

Laurence Lockton
University of Bath
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As a first-time Code4Lib attendee, let me say thanks for a fun
conference - a very interesting and creative group of people!

A question I posed to some of you in person, and would love to hear
more answers to: What are you doing with Google Books? �Do you have a
new way of using that resource? �Are there things you'd like to do
with it that aren't possible yet?

Also, a couple of people asked if Google is hiring. �Not only are we
hiring large numbers of software engineers, but we're now seeking a
librarian / software developer (below). �I'm happy to take questions
about either.

All the best,

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