Some ideas:
1) Use Feeds Imagegrabber ( along with Feeds to create nodes that include their enclosures (cover images) from the RSS feed. Once you have the items as nodes you can use Views and the plethora of Views carrousel-like modules to display them like the LibraryThing widget you prefer =) I think you can also set Feeds to delete nodes older than X days so you don't end up with old nodes lying around.

2) Write out a bit of PHP (or javascript?) in a custom block to "just" parse the current RSS feed's contents. You'd have to add in the Javascript/Jquery carrousel of your choice. Might be simpler--if you have a coder around or can find the appropriate PHP and/or JS code already available on the Internets.

I also thought of (but discarded) Millennium.module; it can create nodes from an ftlist URL, BUT you'd have to run it manually every so often (it has Views integration, so like Feeds you could use views and a carrousel to show the items).

Also, it'd be nice to just use a Millennium WebOPAC as a datasource (instead of local MySQL) for Views 3... maybe I can put that into Millennium.module =)


Laura Harris said the following on 09/04/2010 09:07 a.m.:
Hi, all - I suspect something like this is being done already, so I thought I 
would check in and ask.

Essentially, what I would like to do is display the library's new books on a 
web page in a graphic format - I'd like it to look very similar to the sorts of 
widgets that GoodReads or LibraryThing users can create. I threw up a few quick 
examples here:

Now, we have an RSS feed for our new books (Millennium is our ILS if it matters), and as 
I understand it, the images we get from Syndetic Solutions are parsed as enclosures to 
that RSS feed. Is there a way to take the RSS feed, and only show those enclosures (if 
they exist, and are not the default "grey box" we see if the book doesn't have 
a cover image) somehow?

Or perhaps there's a really easy way to do this that I'm overlooking.

Would appreciate your insight!


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