I'd just like to announce that we moved our DAIA related resources [1] to SourceForge:


DAIA is a data model to express information about the availability of documents and their particular copies for library-related services (loan, local presentation, open access online, interlibrary loan...). Its specification (http://purl.org/NET/DAIA) includes serialization in XML, JSON and RDF - use the format of your choice and get the other serializations for free [2]

If you are happy with stuff like NCIP, SLNP, SIP2, Z39.50 Holdings, ISO 20775 Holdings than I wonder why. But if you like to decouple and open up your library system for better innovation that you might want to have a look. Additional services like "Tweet-me-if-the-book-is-back" should be easy to implement by third parties based on a common, well-defined availability API (</end-of-advertisement>)

The current SVN repository contains the existing Perl implementation (that you can also get via CPAN), an implementation in PHP and an XSLT client for DAIA/XML. The VuFind project also contains a DAIA-Driver as client component.

Feedback is very welcome, feel free to join. The project mailing list is https://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/daia-devel (don't be confused that the first mail is in German, we also know English).

So how do you get availability information out of your library system?


[1] see my mail from October 2009:

[2] ok, the RDF serialization is still work-in-progress - see http://purl.org/ontology/daia for the current draft

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