On 5/13/10 8:59 AM, Fernando Gómez wrote:
Any suggestions? Do other document oriented databases offer a better
solution for this?
Hey Fernando,

I'd suggest you checkout CouchDB. CouchDB uses JSON as it's document format, provides advanced indexing (anywhere in the JSON docs) via map/reduce queries that are typically written in JavaScript. The map/reduce queries are simple lamda JavaScript functions that are part of a "design" document (also a simple JSON object) in CouchDB. Check out the following two links for more info:

A simple map reduce query using your city and address.city keys would look something like this:

function (doc) {
  if (doc.city) {
    emit(doc.city, doc);
  } else if (doc.address.city) {
    emit(doc.address.city, doc);

That function would return the full document representation "keyed" by their cities (which is handy for sorting and later reducing by counting unique cities).

CouchDB lets you focus on pulling out the data you want, and it handles the indexing. Pretty handy. :)

Let me know if you have other questions about CouchDB.

Take care,

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