Neat, if you put this into production at a public URL anytime, do let us know.

Elliot Hallmark wrote:
Re: simple, flexible ILS for small library

hello all,

Just wanted to mention that I did decide to code an ILS for a book
sharing library. Tweaking conventional ILS or bartering software would
not accomplish what I want, and programatically the problem isn't very
difficult.  Modern programming frameworks make building something like
this out very quick.

The program currently has all the basic functionality I need including
user front ends for checkin/out, adding new items from downloaded MARC
records and a powerful backend for fixing anything that a user
(librarian) did accidentally or shouldnt have permission to easily do.

I am doing this in Django because Python is awesome.  There are more
defined reasons people use Django, but I will admit that I would never
have done any substantial programming if I had not found python.
Everytime a project comes up, python just happens to have a set of
tools that go well beyond what I need from them.

The code is available for anyone:

I'll gladly explain/document more if anyone cares to hear

-Elliot Hallmark

PS: I am now using a more clean email address.  Previously I was using
an address that I dont mind getting a little spammy because I was just
poking around.  I am the same person as offonoffoffonoff at gmail.

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