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On 6/23/11 11:20 AM, "Caitlin McGurk" <mcg...@cartoonstudies.org> wrote:

>Hello! I've recently built a Koha ILS for my institutions OPAC, and we've
>run into quite a few snags. Hoping I could connect with someone on here
>knows a bit about Koha and/or Library Thing For Libraries, as we've
>integrated them both.
>Firstly, when using LTFL, tags are imported to a separate tag cloud than
>tags originally made from Koha. We are trying to combine these into one
>cloud instead, but can't figure out how.
>Second- LTFL comes with a "tag browser", a separate search engine for the
>LTFL tags. We are trying to get the html for just the tag browser so that
>can embed it into our front page.
>Help, please!
>Caitlin McGurk
>Caitlin McGurk
>The Schulz Library
>The Center for Cartoon Studies <http://www.cartoonstudies.org>

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