is there an established classification of loan types, preferable as
Ontology with URIs for each type? I am not sure about the English
terminology with terms such as "loan", "hold" and "recall". In
particular I am looking for a simple (!) list of types for current
relationships between a patron and a library item, such as the

1. loan: the patron has got the library item
2. reservation: the patron will get the library item as soon as it is
available again
3. ordered: the patron will get the library item, that is currently made
availabe, for instance by bringing it to some location from the closed

Maybe that's all and I only need to define my own URIs for this cases.
But there may also be relevant cases such as "the item is allocated to
some location for the patron, waiting that he or she picks it up" and
digital library items may be even more complicated.

So do you know any such specification or do I have to define my own


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