LITA Heads of Library Technology IG meeting at ALA Annual Conference 2012, 
Anaheim, CA
Sunday, June 24, 2012 - 10:30am - 12pm
Sheraton Garden Grove, Chardonnay Room

In addition to a short business meeting there will be presentations:

Win Shih from USC Libraries will talk about IT Leadership and Focus in a 
Changing Environment: from Function to Transformation to Strategy
Technology is the driving engine for library and higher education enterprises 
these days. In the networked academy, information technology (IT) is more 
pervasive and critical in facilitating the success of student learning and 
faculty research than ever before. Effective library IT leaders, therefore, are 
not only accountable for healthy daily technological operations and for 
effective support vis-à-vis business processes; but must adopt a holistic, 
external foci and concentrate upon applying IT strategically to drive 
innovation, fuel productivity and create new initiatives.

Jason Vaughan from UNLV Libraries will talk about Staff use of iPads
- Here at the UNLV Libraries we're just now deploying iPads to over 30 library 
staff for library staff use.  I've learned a lot in preparing for the rollout 
and support requirements associated with all this, and will cover:
- Purchasing logistics (iPads themselves and iPad apps -- e.g. discounts, staff 
purchases vs purchases paid for by the institution, etc.
- Setting up a sustainable infrastructure for support (i.e. technical support 
issues that may develop down the line)  Highlights of our distribution 
technique and basic training for staff receiving iPads

Meg Brown-Sica from CU Denver Libraries will talk about the Auraria Library 
Tech Check-Out Program

The LITA HoLT IG is also seeking the suggestions for discussion topics, things 
you have been working on, plan to work, or want to work on in terms of 
Leadership and Library Technology. All suggestions and presentation topics are 
welcome and will be given consideration for presentation and discussion.

Stu Baker
Associate University Librarian
for Library Technology
Northwestern University Library<>

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