I wrote a little app in PHP to address this exact problem. I wrote it to
work the the LibraryH3lp webchat service, but the code could probably be
adapted to another context. You can download the source code and
instructions here: http://shirley.alptown.com/SOS_Button.zip

Best wishes,

Shirley Lincicum

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 7:57 AM, Greenspun, Cindy

> Hello -
> I'm a newbie to this listserv.  I'm not a librarian, nor am I a coder.   I
> primarily do systems related work with our library management system, run
> SQL reports as needed and project management.  I also work for Access
> Services and even though I'm considered IT, I'm not in the library IT
> department.  This is a new position in my department and we're still
> figuring things out as we go along.
> I work in one of the many libraries at Yale University.  In the department
> I work in, we have three busy service points - two circulation desks and a
> privileges/registration office.  There are about 50/60 staff members and
> roughly 50+ student employees who rotate at these service points.  There
> are times when there are students who are late reporting to a service
> point, no-shows, or suddenly there's a long line and only one person at a
> staffed service desk.  At a meeting recently, I was listening to a work
> leader lament how, if she is the only person there, she is just too busy to
> make a phone call or send an email asking for help - a common occurrence.
>  After I heard her, I wondered how possible it would be to create some sort
> of desktop 'app'.  One that requires only one click and is smart enough to
> know its service desk location and is sent to the right folks who could
> come assist right away, upon demand.  These would be on Windows
> workstations.
> Recently, I've seen many encouraging responses to the latest 'getting
> started...' emails and feel motivated to write to this listserv as I'm
> eager to learn and to try to do this myself.  I hope that this will be a
> simple enough project for me but I'm just not sure where to start or what I
> should be looking at.  So, here I am, not a librarian, nor a coder.  I
> write to this listserv seeking suggestions, ideas and encouragement.  :)
> Thank you -
> Cindy

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