Not sure what you meant by parental lock. I ended up doing a factory reset 
of my iPod 5G and had no trouble doing an OTA install.

Back to my new iPod 6G, still could not install. This is a new device so 
doing a factory reset probably won't help. Decided to delete my existing 
app, then tried the OTA install and it worked.

Back to my iPod 5G. I installed another one of my apps from the app store. 
Tried to do an OTA install, same problem, I click Install and nothing 

After playing around some more with this it seems that I cannot OTA install 
over my app store app. I must delete the app first then the OTA install 
will work. Once I have an OTA install I can update it with new builds 
without a problem. But I cannot install a development build over an app 
store install. There is no error displayed, I click on the Install button 
and nothing happens.

is this new? is it a known issue?

I can probably live with this, I can now get the OTA install to work but I 
never had this problem before.


On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 7:46:23 PM UTC-7, Shai Almog wrote:
> I had this for a device that I let my kids play with where I turned on the 
> parental lock.

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