I pieced this together from other sources.  Here's a sample file *app.plist* 
that could be put on any server
to facilitate a re-install of an IPA

<plist version="1.0">
> <dict>
>         <key>items</key>
>         <array>
>                 <dict>
>                         <key>assets</key>
>                         <array>
>                                 <dict>
>                                         <key>kind</key>
>                                         <string>software-package</string>
>                                         <key>url</key>
> <string>https://yourserver/yourapp.ipa</string>
>                                 </dict>
>                         </array>
>                         <key>metadata</key>
>                         <dict>
>                                 <key>bundle-identifier</key>
>                                 <string>yourappname</string>
>                                 <key>bundle-version</key>
>                                 <string>4.0</string>
>                                 <key>kind</key>
>                                 <string>software</string>
>                                 <key>subtitle</key>
>                                 <string>41A472</string>
>                                 <key>title</key>
>                                 <string>yourappname</string>
>                         </dict>
>                 </dict>
>         </array>
> </dict>
> </plist>

The one gotcha is that the server protocol must be https:

Part 2 is the actual URL you feed to safari or another browser.  It's 
convenient to make a trampoline *app.html*
that looks like this:


The other gotcha is that this will only work for a debug build, due to 
signing issues I suppose, but at least
old debug builds can be reinstated for comparison with current ones.

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