I am playing around with InfiniteContainer and I encountered an issue: If I 
use the container as a tab in a Tabs object, or inside a container that is 
itself inside a tab, I can't scroll down properly.
The data is fetched correctly, but I can't scroll to see the new data, or 
sometimes I get randomly stuck on one of the elements of the list in the 
Here is some sample code:

 InfiniteContainer ic = new InfiniteContainer() {
            public Component[] fetchComponents(int index, int amount) {
                                   Label[] containers = new Label[10];
                for(int iter = 0 ; iter < data.size() ; iter++) {
                    Label l = new Label("A "+index+ " B " + iter);
                    containers[iter] = l;
                return containers;

 global_tabs.addTab("Home", ic);

Did I forget to set something scrollable, or should I somehow use the 
"scroll to visible" function?

f you are experiencing an issue please mention the full platform your issue 
applies to:
IDE: NetBeans
Desktop MacOS

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