My app will contain perhaps 20 rows in this instance.
Using the method described in Table.html,  processing an Table event with 
createCell(Object value, int row, int column, boolean editable)
iterates all rows and super.getSelectedRow() does not return the row In the 
table I touched.

1) I really need to know which event I can use that will allow me to know 
which row/column was fired

2) Does this Table implementation support rendering a Picker Object or 


On Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 3:00:55 AM UTC-4, Shai Almog wrote:

> Focus is a bad approach for touch devices so we don't usually use it. If 
> you look at the sample code in the Table JavaDoc 
> You will see how we work with cells individually. Unlike the swing 
> approach of renderer/editor we literally return the component instance and 
> you can bind a listener to that. It's not as "hugely scalalble" as the 
> Swing approach but if you plan to have 1000 cells on a mobile device this 
> will be a usability nightmare.

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