I have some older and newer devices. The newer devices are running iOS 11 
beta. I can install apps on either type via TestFlight but its much quicker 
to test using debug builds. However if I include ios.debug.archs=armv7 then 
I can ONLY install it on 32 bit devices and if I don't include that build 
hint I can ONLY install on 64 bit devices. Is there a way to include both 
builds so I don't have to send two builds each time I want to test.

Part of the reason I need to test on multiple devices is iPhone vs iPad 
screen layouts (and my iPad is only 32bit) but also I do have clients with 
old and new devices and we are finding some differences between them so I 
try to keep on top of them.

Also can the build server please show if they are debug or app store 
builds? If I accidentally send the wrong type and then spend a while trying 
to get it installed, then I don't know if its wrong build type, wrong arch 
type or missing from the provisioning profile. The build server should 
indicate at least why type of build its building.


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