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IDE: NetBeans/Eclipse/IDEA NetBeans 8.2
Desktop OS Windows 10
Simulator 7.3
Device Samsung 8+ SM-G95U

Just purchased this new Phablet, installed latest OS updates, Installed my 
However My Home Page is built using GUI Builder, it starts with a 
BoxLayout.Y form (Note: Not Using Auto Layout)
Has 9 Table Layout containers of which each container has 2 buttons.
First button (Menu Text) has a Constraint.setWidthPercentage(85)
The Second (Right Arrow) has a Constraint.setWidthPercentage(15)
The first button has Text and a ToastBar Message
The second button has a FontImage.setMaterialIcon(gui_ButtonRtArrow,'') 
(arrow_forward Icon)
And an action event.

The Arrow_forward button is displayed in the correct location on screen and 
is active (it responds to touch action event)
The Menu Buttons however are not visible, 

All I see is a screen with 9 right arrows.

Only on this new Model (Graphic resolution = 2220X1080) with Adaptive 
Display. (Note I have tries all possible settings w/o affecting this problem

Are there any other Build Hints for Android I should apply?


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