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In my application some data are stored in cn1storage directory, 
<package-name> directory and just document something like as given below

1. cn1storage/ text-files
2. Data/Application/app-id/Documents/<package-name>/tempimage.jpg
3. temp.jpg

So, this is data structure how my data are stored. I am able to access the 
path of second one by FileSystemStorage.getInstance().getAppHomePath(), but 
I want to browse files present in cn1storage and the other one. Its because 
my zipping the files of each directory and I am only able to zip the files 
of second directory, whereas the files of first directory and third image 
file isnt included in my zip file. 

So, please tell me how to access the cn1storage files by any path or by 
some means.

Thanks for help.

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