Hi developers, 
I am now playing around with fantastic CN1 a while now and have a question 
for the community.

Does anyone have experience with bluetooth in CN1. I am not talking about 
BLE, but "normal" bluetooth.

I basically need to:

   - connect to a paired device (hence get the list devices to choose from)
   - send data to the connection
   - read data from a connection (ex. a stream of data from a GPS, but 
   could also be a device that measures environmental data)

I did search around the web and in the forum, but I can't find anyone 
working with it openly. I have 0 knowledge of IOS but have experience on 
the android and desktop part, so I am not even sure if the above workflow 
would work the same way also in IOS.

Any idea, hint or maybe even code to share? :-)


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