I have some threads that perform networker requests and then create ui 
elements based on the results of these request. 
These elements (markers) are then added to a map. But at this point the app 
sometimes crash with a ConcurrentModificationException. 
The function in my threads that is called to add elements (markers) to the 
map is inside a 
Display.getInstance().callSerially(new Runnable() {

block. I thought it was how we are supposed to "resync" results of some 
threads with the EDT one but it doesn't seem to work as I expected as the 
MapLayout is sometimes returning a ConcurrentModificationException when 
performing the layout (probably because some threads are adding markers 
components when the EDT is trying to perform the layout)
So how can I safelly add components to a container (a map) from multiple 
non EDT threads?

Device: android

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