I want to use the cool slide out side menu with a container Ive built 
(basically something like your gorgeous sidemenu tutorial but with a 
container ive built). But I have a couple of issues:

So I have made the menu using

Toolbar tb = f.getToolbar();
tb.setHidden(true); // i want to use my own custom made top bar so hide 
default one
Container IncludeSideBar = (Container) createContainer(r, "IncludeSideBar");

So far so good, but when I open the menu it appears very strange, see 
screenshot. It only shows 3 entries (I can scroll down to see others) and 
doesnt fill the full height of the screen (leaving gaps at top and bottom) 
and leaves a gap on the left too. How can I make it appear more like the 
design I have shown in my screenshot? 


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