Really not my week is it.... Im doing an ordinary post to my clients api, 
but it wont work. I send over the post params like this:

r.addArgument("id", "theirid");
r.addArgument("pw",     "theirpass");  

I have done this a million times in cn1 and never had a problem, but for 
some reason his API reports the id is "null"..  and wont let me login... 
this is the same code ive used on other apps with no issue.. I also tried 
sending json body etc, same error..

It works in postman using post params... we also made a website to test it, 
where it works fine too... Is there some weird thing happening with post in 
CN1? or something I forgot?    

Also if he switches to GET and we do it that way it does work... any 
ideas?? Also the url is httpS, is there anything special I need to do ?

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