Sorry, Forgot this issue.

When opening Calendar for Current Month, Widget will not accept Touch 
Events in the past.

So If Today is March 1st and I touch the 28th (previous day) The 1st 
remains highlighted.
However if we select the previous Month, all days are selectable.


On Friday, March 1, 2019 at 4:29:59 PM UTC-5, 
> If you are experiencing an issue please mention the full platform your 
> issue applies to:
> IDE: NetBeans/Eclipse/IDEA NetBeans 8.2
> Desktop OS Windows 10 Pro
> Simulator Latest
> Device Android & IOS
> is there a way to get a "Today" Button/option 
> when setType(Display.PICKER_TYPE_CALENDAR); ?
>         A3AppointmentDate = new Picker();
>         A3AppointmentDate.setUseLightweightPopup(true);
>         A3AppointmentDate.setTactileTouch(true);
>         A3AppointmentDate.setDate(inc.getDateObjectFromYYYYMMDD(ApptDate));
>         A3AppointmentDate.setType(Display.PICKER_TYPE_CALENDAR);
>         SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("E MM-dd-yyyy");
>         A3AppointmentDate.setFormatter(formatter);
> See Pictures attached.
> Regards

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