this code runs fine on android and emulator  from my test it produces:
"dateTodayS: Fri Aug 31, dayName: Fri monthName: Aug, dayDate: 31, 

but on real ios it produces:

"dateTodayS: August 31, dayName: Aug monthName: st, dayDate: 1, 

I realise its just parsing different because of the result from parsing the 
date, but shouldnt it behave identically on all platforms?

_("DateStringHolder received "+stringDate);
        SimpleDateFormat dateTodaySDF = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
        Date dateToday = null; //a date object representing the string they 
passed in
        try {
            dateToday   = dateTodaySDF.parse(stringDate);
            String dateTodayS = dateToday.toString();
            dayName    = dateTodayS.substring(0,3);
            monthName  = dateTodayS.substring(4,7);
            dayDate    = dateTodayS.substring(8,10);            
            monthNumber= stringDate.substring(5,7);
            //for testing differences on ios and android!
  "ios debug", "dateTodayS:"+dateTodayS+", 
dayName:"+dayName+", monthName:"+monthName+", dayDate:"+dayDate+", 
monthNumber:"+monthNumber, "OK", "Cancel");
        catch(Exception e)
            _("**warning** cant parse date! "+e.getMessage()+" 

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