On Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 6:28:45 AM UTC+1, Shai Almog wrote:
> Because the constructor happens on a separate thread.

Sorry but I am afraid I don't get you here. What do you mean by "the 
constructor happens on a separate thread"? Are you talking about the 
Wrapper (=ThreadSafeDatabase) constructor or the Database one?
The ThreadSafeDatabase class is just a wrapper that declare an easythread 
and the targeted database in its constructor so it looks like it is 
performing exactly as you suggested to do (it is a wrapper class that does 
the SQL operations on the db by passing them to it's easythread). 
Is the issue the fact that the "Database" object should also be created 
through the easythread thread? (so the call to the Display.getInstance().
openOrCreate() should be called from a runnable passed to the easythread 
wrapper instead of beeing directly passed as an already created "Database" 
object passed as argument of the ThreadSafeDatabase constructor). If so, 
why not modify the ThreadSafeDatabase class to be created with an empty 
private constructor that only create the easythread and then have a 
ThreadSafeDatabase.openOrCreate(String dbfile) static constructor function 
that return a working ThreadSafeDatabase object by creating a 
ThreadSafeDatabase and calling the  Display.getInstance().openOrCreate(
dbfile) through its easythread to create the database? It would be better 
than having a ThreadSafeDatabase class that is tagged as deprecated because 
not working properly (meaning it is useless and pollute the API for nothing)
In any case, could you give a simple example of how the wrapper you suggest 
should be created (an example with the database creation and 2 SQLite calls 
(possibly comming from 2 different threads), so we can easilly see in which 
thread exactly each of these operations are supposed to happen)?

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