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IDE: NetBeans/Eclipse/IDEA NetBeans 8.2
Desktop OS Windows 10 Pro
Simulator Latest
Device PC, Android & IOS

I am looking to set the selected Color of a Tab (Tabs Object) when selected.

I set the selected ForeGround color to say Green

However the Selected Tab does not change color when selected so there is no 
visual way to see which tab has been selected.

I am using this model:
            Tabs tb = new Tabs(Component.TOP) {
                protected Component createTab(String title, Image icon) {
                    SpanButton custom = new SpanButton(title);
                    return custom;
                protected void setTabSelectedIcon(Component tab, Image 
icon) {
                    ((SpanButton) tab).setPressedIcon(icon);
                protected void selectTab(Component tab) {
                protected void bindTabActionListener(Component tab, 
ActionListener l) {
                    ((SpanButton) tab).addActionListener(l);

I have changed the custom.setUIID("Container"); to a theme where selected 
foreground is green, where unselected is black

As described in the 
documentation: https://www.codenameone.com/blog/tip-customize-tabs-behavior.html


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