I've just started playing around with ColdSpring.  So far, it's been three days of intense fun, so thanks for that!!!
Got a question about when it's appropriate to user constructor-arg vs property.  I set up a companyService as follows:
<bean id="companyService" class="delave.companyService">
  <constructor-arg name="company"><ref bean="company"/></constructor-arg>
  <constructor-arg name="companyDAO"><ref bean="companDAO"/></constructor-arg>
  <constructor-arg name="companyGateway"><ref bean="companyGateway"/></constructor-arg>
After setting this up, I went back to look at some of the examples that ship with ColdSpring and noticed that <property> seems to be used in favor of <constructor-arg>.  Is there a general rule for when to use one over the other?

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