Hello everybody,

I'm proud to announce the availability of version 5.4.0 of collectd.
This release contains a lot of new features, including six new plugins.
The "ChangeLog" below has all the details.

This release marks the "end of live" of the 5.2 branch. New bugfixes will be
applied to 5.3 and 5.4.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.4.0.tar.bz2
    SHA-256: 90973894a1f10775d409fe23ce7bc4d89c1b7c6f4d9918b305d160605871923e
  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.4.0.tar.gz
    SHA-256: c434548789d407b00f15c361305766ba4e36f92ccf2ec98d604aab2a46005239


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this version. In particular:

  * Alex Deymo
  * Andreas Henriksson
  * Bert Vermeulen
  * Blake Matheny
  * Ceri Storey
  * Chad Malfait
  * Evan Felix
  * Jan Matějka
  * Javier Maestro
  * Jim Radford
  * Laurent
  * Michael Stapelberg
  * Nick Stenning
  * Patrick Shan
  * Vedran Bartonicek
  * Xin Li
  * Yves Mettier

Special thanks go to Marc Fournier who has joined the team and is a
tremendous help. Thanks!

2013-08-18, Version 5.4.0
  * collectd: The "LoadPlugin" config option no longer attempts to load
    plugins twice. If more than one "LoadPlugin" statement or block is
    encountered, only the first will have any effect.
  * collectd: The "AutoLoadPlugin" option allows to automatically load
    plugins for which a configuration is found.
  * collectd: The "WriteQueueLimitHigh" and "WriteQueueLimitLow" options
    allow collectd to drop values when under stress, to avoid running out
    of memory. Thanks to Yves Mettier for his patch.
  * amqp plugin: The "GraphiteSeparateInstances" and
    "GraphiteAlwaysAppendDS" options have been added. Thanks to Laurent
    for the patch.
  * aquaero plugin: This new plugin reads various metrics, e.g. fan
    speeds and temperatures, from Aquaero 5, a fan and water cooling
    control panel. Thanks to Alex Deymo for his patch.
  * curl plugin: The "MeasureResponseCode" option has been added. Thanks
    to Jan Matějka for his patch.
  * curl_json plugin: Support for UNIX domain sockets and array wildcards
    has been added. Thanks to Jim Radford for his patch.
  * curl_xml plugin: Support for long URLs has been improved.
  * cgroups plugin: This new plugin collects CPU accounting information
    for processes in a cgroup. Thanks to Michael Stapelberg for his patch.
  * df plugin: The "ValuesAbsolute" and "ValuesPercentage" options have
    been added. Thanks to Vedran Bartonicek for the patch.
  * exec plugin: Do UID / GID lookups before forking. This should prevent
    a race condition in the NSS library. Thanks to Ceri Storey for the
  * lvm plugin: This new plugin collects size information from Linux'
    Logical Volume Manager (LVM). Thanks to Chad Malfait for his work.
  * memcached plugin: Support for increment and decrement counts has been
    added. Thanks to Blake Matheny for the patch.
  * mic plugin: This new plugin collects CPU and memory usage, power
    consumption and temperatures of Intel's Many-Integrated-Core (MIC)
    architecture, such as Xeon Phi cards. Thanks to Evan Felix for his
  * netlink plugin: This plugin has been converted to use the supported
    "libmnl" library. Thanks to Andreas Henriksson for his patch.
  * nginx plugin: Collection of accepted and handled connections has been
    added. Thanks to Patrick Shan for his patch.
  * sigrok plugin: This new plugin collects metrics from sigrok, a signal
    processing framework reading various hardware devices, from light
    meters to spectrum analyzers. Thanks to Bert Vermeulen for his patch.
  * statsd plugin: This new plugin listens to a UDP socket and reads
    metrics in the StatsD format.
  * varnish plugin: Many additional metrics have been added. Thanks to
    Nick Stenning for his patch.
  * write_graphite plugin: Support for "UDP" has been added. Thanks to
    Javier Maestro for his patch.
  * write_riemann plugin: The "TTLFactor" option has been added.
  * zfs_arc plugin: Support for FreeBSD has been added. Thanks to Xin Li
    for his patch.

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