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> Hi,

Hi Kaushal

> I have installed rpm binary collectd-4.10.9-3.el6.x86_64 on CentOS release
> 6.7 (Final). I am referring to the wiki page
> https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Plugin:Redis to configure redis service
> but i do not see *LoadPlugin redis* in /etc/collectd.conf file.
> Please suggest.

You are using a old version of collectd. In ancient times collectd had a
redis plugin which use old library called credis. This library was fine, but
unmaintaned, and was not included in many distributions (like CentOS), so
plugin redis was neither available in those distros.

Since collectd5 (I cannot remember the exactly minor version right now) the
redis plugin was modified to use hiredis library insted of credis. Hireids
is more common, and it's present in many distributions, so plugin should be
easy to compile again. I do not known the particulary case in CentOS, but I
suppose that hiredis would be available and then redis plugin should be
present too in collectd5 packages.

Try upgrading to collectd5 if possible or, if not, download credis and try to
compile the redis.so plugin by hand. Both cases should work for you.

Best regards,


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