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I am trying to set up metric collection and storage with collectd and
hawkular-services. As a start I just want to monitor the local host.
So I have ptrans, a component of hawkular-services that can listen to
the collectd prototol, running. It listens for collectd on UDP 25826.

I can see a list of collectd metrics with "collectdctl listval", and I
am getting meaningful results from these values with "collectdctl
getval". But I am getting no metrics in hawkular-services. And ptrans
does not log any connection from collectd.

Of course it is possible that ptrans simply has no logging of such
connections and the problem is elsewhere. But I need to troubleshoot
this, and so I'd like to find out what collectd actually sends with
the network plugin. How can I do this? Or is this not possible?


Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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